Walk-in tub with installation starting under $11,000

Take advantage of our quick bathtub installation process


Your new walk-in bathtub can be installed in 1 to 2 days. First, we take your existing tub and replace it with your new walk-in bathtub. Then we run the electrical lines for the motors in your bathtub. Finally, we finish off the walls with an easy-to-clean acrylic liner or the custom finish of your choice. Contact us today to get started on your new bathtub installation. 


Did you know that falling is one of the most common household accidents? The combination of slippery surfaces and unsteady feet can make your bathroom feel like a hazard. If you are having a hard time getting in and out of your standard bathtub, you need a walk-in bathtub. 


  • We use only top-quality products to provide you with a safe and secure custom bathtub solution. For seniors and those with mobility issues, a walk-in bathtub can give you independence and peace of mind. Choose us to install a new walk-in bathtub if you:
  • Want a bathtub that every member of the family can use
  • Need safe and easy bathtub accessibility
  • Like to choose from a variety of styles and features
  • Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of soaking


Don’t suffer from a fall in your Hebron, OH bathroom. Call us today at (844) 644-6882.

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